History of SINGHA R-SA

SINGHA R-SA represents the “Goal” and “Mission” of a group of people who desire to make the world a better place

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ในเดือนตุลาคม 2453 พระยาภิรมย์ภักดี (บุญรอด เศรษฐบุตร)
บริการจัดเรือเมล์ฟรี ให้แก่ชนชาวสยามได้เดินทางไปถวายบังคม
พระบรมศพพระพุทธเจ้าหลวง รัชกาลที่ 5


SINGHA R-SA Network and Activities

SINGHA R-SA Network and activities operate both in Thailand and abroad in terms of social service activities, environmental conservation, and knowledge development to improve the society and living standards of the people.

Remarkable Stories

This is about remarkable stories of SINGHA R-SA. Although we often face many obstacles and challenges in our work including long distances, rough terrain, or difficult missions, we know that our efforts are worth it because we can bring back the smiles of people after facing life challenges in any forms. Many people also tell us that our mission is so inspiring that it encourages them to begin to help others.

Wipe Away the Tears and Start to Smile Again

เดือนสิงหาคม ปี 2561 ฝนตกหนักทำให้น้ำในแม่น้ำเอ่อล้นเข้าท่วมบ้านเรือนของชาวบ้านกว่าหลายพันหลังคาเรือน หลายจังหวัดได้รับความเดือดร้อน และเพื่อนำรอยยิ้มของทุกคนกลับคืนมา ภารกิจของสิงห์อาสาจึงได้เริ่มต้นขึ้น

Rewarding Hero Farmers with Compensation Planting

Recently, young football players from Moo Pa (Wild Boars) Academy and their coach got trapped by flooding in Tham Luang Khunnam Nang Non (Natural Cave) in Chiang Rai Province. Much of the water needed to be pumped out to help the rescue efforts. The water was pumped out of the cave and into the rice fields of farmers in Bannongor Village, who willingly allowed it to help the rescue. Therefore, Singha R-SA and volunteers travelled to the village together to bring inspiration reward the farmers and help them by providing rice seedlings and even helping to transplant them.

Make a Weir to Bring Water to the Community

The “Making a Weir Project” by Singha-R-SA returned to Banhuaimakliang Village of Wiangpapao District in Chiang Rai Province in order to bring more refreshment, equipment and encouragement with the help of many volunteers.

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Heading South To The Flooded Area

We all wish that the New Year would be the start of great memories, but in January many people in Southern Thailand faced extremely severe flood.
The Southern Thailand flood relief was SINGHA R-SA’s first big mission in 2017.
Even though the New Year period is holiday time for everyone, SINGHA R-SA were supported by different groups of people and this mission was a memorable event. It reminded us all to “care for others” with the same effort that we devote to our own happiness.

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SINGHA R-SA Take Care With Love

After the flood subsided, the villagers could resume their normal lives. However, the damages caused by the water were extremely severe. To help clean up the mess and repair the households, SINGHA R-SA organized the “Singha Archeeva Arsa Care for Flood Victims” Project.

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Volunteer Blogs

Natacha Wongchinsri (Bell)

SINGHA R-SA Volunteers come from many universities and provinces and all have different motivations. For example, some like to do activities, some joined with SINGHA R-SA because of an invitation from their friend, some like to help because of their family members and some help for all these reasons.

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Nattawan Aumnuaysinsiri (Namtarn)

Someone said to me “Were they acting?” because they saw photos of SINGHA R-SA volunteers that were taken by a professional photographer. They felt that the pictures were so good with strong depth, mood tone and color that they could not be real.

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Patcharaporn Sinlapawisut (Build)

SINGHA R-SA helps and assists communities in time of need but we also promote fun activities. For example, SINGHA R-SA Leadership Camp and Singha Volun-Touring Project recruit foreign backpackers for volunteer work and take them out traveling to promote cultural tourism.

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Two hands and a big heart can change the world into a better place. SINGHA R-SA is pleased to invite a new generation to join us and to work toward the better society. By becoming part of the SINGHA R-SA family, YOU can support us to accomplish our commitment. Just fill in this form and we will contact you shortly.

It does not matter who you are or where you come from, SINGHA R-SA is ready to welcome you as an international volunteer into our big family with open arms.

Perhaps, you could be the first SINGHA R-SA volunteer of your country!

Join us and experience the privilege of helping people in need. Bring their smiles back with SINGHA R-SA. Volunteering could change your life forever!

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