Someone said to me “Were they acting?” because they saw photos of SINGHA R-SA volunteers that were taken by a professional photographer. They felt that the pictures were so good with strong depth, mood tone and color that they could not be real.

Nattawan Aumnuaysinsiri (Namtarn), a 4th year student at the School of Social Innovation (International Development), Mae Fah Luang University and who often participates with SINGHA R-SA activities confirmed “the energy and spirit in all the activities were real”.

Aumnuaysinsiri said, “I assisted fire victims at Chiang Rai; it made me realize that if someone is in trouble, just one water bottle or one bag of rice really helps them. Their faces show how they feel when they get help quickly. If someone is in trouble we should help them. No matter how much we do, always more can be done to help people rebuild their lives.

Aumnuaysinsiri joined up with SINGHA R-SA because she loved participating in volunteer activities and helping people in need.

Aumnuaysinsiri added “I have been volunteering for three years. I can’t count how many projects I have participated in because there are so many. I have traveled to help people who were suffering from flooding, attended camps, worked as volunteer staff and helped other people. I love to do volunteering activities. I joined the volunteer club during my 1st year at college. I traveled to Northern Thailand to help with volunteer activity and when I returned my senior persuaded me to join SINGHA R-SA Volunteer Camp. I liked it so much that when I came back I continued with other activities and I have been volunteering up until now. I can’t remember how many times I have volunteered.”

Even though Aumnuaysinsiri can’t remember how many times she has volunteered, some activities stuck in her memory.

She recalled, “We traveled to Technique Dusit Police School at Doi Chang to build a plumbing system on the mountainside for the villagers. It was back-breaking work because we had to dig the hard ground but we were happy to do it. I remember this activity well because I was so proud of it. I made many  wonderful new friends. We only met each other for a few days during volunteering but we became close like we had known each other forever. Maybe it was because we had the same intention to help other people.”

Experience is not only limited to the classroom. Get volunteering with SINGHA R-SA and discover a whole new life.

Aumnuaysinsiri added, “Helping someone is not just about donating money. Money is good but money alone can’t achieve success without hard work. It’s ok if you want to help but don’t have any money. You have your spirit, use your spirit. You have money, use your money. You have ideas, use your ideas. Just use what you have because everyone can contribute to making a better society.”