SINGHA R-SA helps and assists communities in time of need but we also promote fun activities. For example, SINGHA R-SA Leadership Camp and Singha Volun-Touring Project recruit foreign backpackers for volunteer work and take them out traveling to promote cultural tourism.

Patcharaporn Sinlapawisut (Build), 3rd year student of Thammasat University joined up for this worthy experience. Her first volunteer activity was the Volunteer Club of the Faculty of Political Science.

Sinlapawisut recalls, “During the 1st year of college I joined the volunteer camp at the faculty and saw many people who needed help so I thought that if I have a chance I will do this again. At the end of the 1st year semester I joined the Singha Volun-Touring Project in Kanchanaburi Province. SINGHA R-SA staff were really friendly and I participated with them in several activities. After that experience, I often helped out and joined in with SINGHA R-SA activities. I have volunteered six times in the last three years.

When Sinlapawisut told us about her experiences with SINGHA R-SA we knew that she was really impressed with our activities and enjoyed herself while working with us.

Sinlapawisut added, “SINGHA R-SA Leadership Camp at Chiang Rai in 2015 was an activity that really impressed me. This camp collected leaders from other camps to work together including leisure activities of wilderness survival training, building a playground and improving important places in Chiang Rai. I met friends from different universities, and to this day I still maintain contact with them. One thing I really enjoyed was the Singha Volun-Touring Project in Kanchanaburi Province which also involved foreigners. After we finished our volunteer activities we all went traveling together to many places to experience rafting and swimming. It was really enjoyable and worthwhile.”

After joining up with SINGHA R-SA, Build learned many things and made new friends.

She told us, “I now have so many new friends after I joined with SINGHA R-SA. I learned how to be a team member and work as part of a team. There were many people, so we shared the work among ourselves and the most important point was helping society. These volunteer activities taught me how to swallow my pride and help others so that community life could improve.”

Sinlapawisut had this to say to people who wanted to join SINGHA R-SA.

“Volunteers do not get paid, but we feel good within ourselves and enjoy such wonderful experiences. The work is really worthwhile and you will receive friendship from strangers who later become your friends. Try volunteering yourself; you will be amazed what a change it will make to your life. The experience will make you a better, more caring person.”