To learn about plumbing,
one must enter a plumber’s cave

The COVID-19 epidemic has resulted in widespread job losses in various fields; on the other hand, there are also several occupations that have been in higher demand during the pandemic, one of which is the plumber. Because water is an essential part of our everyday life, if a problem ever occurs, a professional plumber is the only one we can call to fix it. Naturally, to acquire the knowledge of plumbing, we need to enter a plumber’s cave. Singha R-SA organized a two-day workshop at the Waterworks Institute of Thailand, located inside the MWA’s headquarters. And on the third and final day, we brought everyone to visit Samlae Raw Water Pumping Station in Pathum Thani to learn of its history and observe the water treatment process.

A volunteer’s

heart of gold

During the plumbing training course, Singha R-SA had met over 40 participants, each with different reasons to join the program. Many wanted to gain vocational knowledge for a side job. However, Mr. Chavalit Ratanawarakorn’s intention was to help others. Mr. Chavalit told us that, previously, he went to rural areas to install solar panels and provide villagers with electricity. But due to his lack of plumbing skills, he could not help them gain access to water. That was the reason why he decided to join the program, hoping to put the knowledge he gained into good use.

Picking up

a side job

Mr. Kritphong Phuthiphaisit was another person who wanted to gain additional knowledge since his main job was hindered due to COVID-19. Mr. Kritphong was a programmer but the company he usually worked for no longer provided him with any jobs. As a consequence, he suffered a major loss of income. So, when he learned that Singha R-SA held this workshop, he decided to use his free time acquiring a new set of skills to work on a side job and earn extra money.

A bump in life

is not a demise

No one would have thought that a whole generation of new graduates would be out of job, but in 2020, anything could happen. In certain fields such as aviation business, the effect was even more profound. One of our participants, Mr. Sakyawut Chaichit, was an aircraft mechanic with a degree from the US. However, he was unable to find a job anywhere after finishing school. Unable to sit around and simply wait for the economy to recover, he decided to join the plumbing workshop and switch to agriculture and manufactory sectors since both of these fields are still open for new talents.

Graphic Design for Beginners

– a ladder to the future

Graphic and design are the types of work that are always in high demand as they are much sought-after skills in various fields. Even online resellers need a graphic designer’s help to promote their products. Thus, we chose graphic design to be the final subject of the Home Service and Office Skills Training Course. The workshop was led by a team of professors at Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RMUTT), Pathum Thani, who provided insights about the basics of graphic design such as composition and fonts; as well as essential programs like Adobe, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Participants could use what they learn to help advance their own business and cut costs. Furthermore, they could also continue studying about graphic design and make it a part-time job.

The conclusion

After two months of vocational training and workshops, we had completed 6 courses in total, namely Domestic Electrician, Air Conditioner Electrician, Computer Technician, Plumbing, E-Commerce, and Graphic Design. Each course was taught by experts in their respective fields to ensure that after completing said courses, participants could really put the knowledge and insights they gained to the sustainable betterment of their life. Singha R-SA, along with our network nationwide, is still determined to help the community in anyway we can.