Delivering Help

Through the Water and Rain

Throughout the site visit for the flood victim support mission in all 4 provinces, Loei, Chiangrai, Nan and Sukhothai, we always needed to walk in the water to reach the people in need of help. In some area, it was necessary to use boats. Sometimes it was raining, which was quite tough, but we at Singha R-Sa never got discouraged. We traveled in the water and rain to deliver 1 ton of rice and 1,000 liters of drinking water to the people of Namsuay sub-district, Mueang district, Loei; Klangvieng sub-district, Viengsa district, Nan; Ban Buakkhon, Mae Chedimai district; Banmo, Pa-ngiew district; Ban Fueyhai, Banpong district, Chiangrai; Wangchin district, Prae; and Ban Pakkaew, Mueang district, Sukhothai.

Mobile Kitchen

for People in Need

Singha R-Sa’s missions are not limited to rice and drinking water delivery, we continued to monitor the situation in the area to ensure that we could provide help in a timely manner should there be any flash flood. Another mission took place Namsuay sub-district, Mueang district, Loei. We collaborated with Loei Province Restaurant Entrepreneur Association and Chaloemchai Panich Loei Limited Partnership to install a kitchen to provide cooked meals for those affected by the flood.


Big Cleaning

After any flood, especially flash floods, not only branches and garbage remain on the ground, but so do mud and dirt which takes long to clean. Therefore, Singha R-Sa team helped to clean the classrooms and the surrounding areas at Nuchanatnusorn School, Wat Pasak, Pa-ngiew sub-district, Viengpapao district, Chiangrai and Pracha Uthit School in Srisamrong district, Sukhothai.

Employment Program

for Career Development

Not only Singha R-Sa team, more than 300 recruited local volunteers also contributed to our big cleaning mission. The recruitment was an extension of our employment program for career development that we have been working on since March, as per Boonrawd Brewery Company Limited’s urgent policy to support those affected by Covid-19 by recruiting them so that they could provide for their families and, at the same time, improve the community.

Our Determined Alliance

Singha R-Sa couldn’t have accomplished the mission, which involved traveling in the flood water and rain, without the support of our determined alliance, resulting in a successful mission. We would like to thank Loei Province Restaurant Entrepreneur Association, Chaloemchai Panich Loei Limited Partnership, the Viengpapao office of Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Chiangrai, The Eagle Center, Chucheep Nan Limited Partnership, Nan Emergency Medical Service Unit, and Singha R-Sa student networks from Loei Rajabhat University, Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai Rajabhat University and Chiangrai Vocational College for their help in the successful flood victim support mission, bringing the smiles back to the people.