Singha R-Sa Returned to

“Ha Lae Ja” Bridge

It has been five years since the 2015 repair project. In 2020, the Singha R-Sa team returned to the same place to continue the same mission – repairing Chiang Rai’s only suspension bridge. During the last five years, the bridge was open to the public 24 hours every day. Beaten up over time, the bridge became dangerous to use. From Singha R-Sa’s site survey, it was found that the bridge was heavily damaged and needed immediate repairment. The mission then commenced on 11 March.

Floor Replacement

for Safety

Apart from locals crossing Kok river, “Ha Lae Ja” has been a transport route for agricultural products. The bridge has been through tremendously heavy loads over the years. Some parts of the wooden floor came off and some were broken, which was not safe for users. Assessing the damage together with local technicians, it was estimated that 180 wood boards would be sufficient to repair the damaged floor. It was not a problem. The Singha R-Sa team worked with the local technicians and successfully replaced the floor.


and Reviving the Bridge

The floor was not the only part Singha R-Sa focused on, we also cared about the faded paint on the bridge, since “Ha Lae La” bridge is Chiang Rai’s important and frequently visited attraction. If the bridge looked worn-out, there would be fewer visitors and that means less income for the locals. Therefore, Singha R-Sa also repainted the bridge to fully bring it back to life.

The Volunteers

In this mission, the volunteers were separated into two groups. The first group changed out the floor by removing the damaged boards and replacing them with new wood boards. The second group repainted the posts by scraping the old paint layer, apply cement coating and painted a layer of yellow paint on the top. The volunteers were our good old friends from Singha R-Sa student networks from Mae Fah Luang University and Chiang Rai Rajabhat University. In addition, the local technicians helped us with technical knowledge and advices.

Before – After

The day we arrived at “Ha Lae Ja” bridge, we clearly noticed the damages, yet locals still had to use the bridge for daily commuting. Even during the repair, we could not close down the bridge because they needed to use it instead of having to walk several kilometers around or cross the river. This made us realize how important the bridge was to the locals. Singha R-Sa did the best to repair the bridge, until it became a strong, safe and beautiful bridge again. And this is the power of the Singha R-Sa team.