New Skills for Diving Rescue Training

Because water rescue is important, Singha R-SA organized a project called “Water Rescue and Diving Rescue Training” to prepare for potential accidents in the future.

The First Step

On 15th October, the first step in the water rescue and diving rescue training course at Phra Maha Chetsadaratchao Military Camp, the first regiment of the King’s own bodyguards, was to introduce ourselves to the trainers. After that, we started training with the instructors from the SEAL Unit and Thailand Water Rescue and Diving Club.

The Theory

We had to study many things before the first dive to prevent from having an accident underwater. We started with the basic theory, such as preparing ourselves to dive and rescuing methods. The trainers were very attentive, allowing us to ask about everything we wanted to know. As a result, we felt ready for the real diving course.

Warm up before Diving

By doing some easy exercises, we warmed our bodies up to prevent from getting cramps while diving. It is important to be strong all the time during a rescue. If we didn’t warm up, we might need to be helped instead of being the helpers.

Gain Diving Skills

For practicing training in a pool, the trainers brought diving equipment to try out one by one. The training was real and safe in every step. Moreover, we also had swimming practice, floating practice and practical use of a compass on the surface of the sea.

Let’s Go to the Sea

After practicing for a long time, Singha R-SA and the volunteer rescuers had a chance to go to Sattahip District for real practice in the sea. Even though we were tense about the first step, everyone practiced intensely so we could learn how to use the knowledge and skills to help others.

Everything was an Experience

From the first day to the last day, there was nothing easy. Still, we passed by our intention. Singha R-SA had to thank the 20 volunteer rescuers from 7 provinces including Ratchaburi, Nakhonpathom, Saraburi, Nonthaburi, Ayutthaya, Angthong and Nakhonsawan for joining the training. Our project was a success because of the efforts of everyone involved.