with Creative Mission

SINGHA R-SA believed that creative thinking can develop and create, especially in the developing child. Every time we visited schools in the countryside, we never missed to bring a creative activity to give to the children through Brain-Based Learning (BBL), a playground painting.

Learning Outside the Classroom

SINGHA R-SA believed that there are many knowledges outside the classroom that we always learn everywhere. For promoting the learning outside the classroom to students of Wat Bangsakae School, Samut Songkhram Province, SINGHA R-SA assembled and transported equipment to the school. We repaired and painted the playground in the concept of Brain-Based Learning (BBL) to make the children feel fun with the learning.

Fun with English

When SINGHA R-SA have a chance to meet the children, just the painting activity is not enough. We were still full of a power, so we opened the special classroom to teach English for the children. This activity made the children and volunteer teachers were very fun.

Cultural Learning with Volunteers

SINGHA R-SA’s missions in Samut Songkhram Province do not end at Wat Bangsakae School. We have the cultural tourism activity for foreigner volunteers to learn the Thai culture through Thai popular foods such as Pad Thai and Fruit Shaped Mung Beans (Look Choup). Although, this is the first time on them to cook, but their skill and tasty are like a professional chef.

Tour with SINGHA R-SA

To access more Thai culture, the Thai cooking may not enough, SINGHA R-SA International Student Network cruised to absorb the Thai culture at Amphawa District, Samut Songkhram Province. During the cruising, we talked and took photos to remember that once we have the great experiences together.

Fellow Travelers from Around the World

This volunteer mission was special more than the pasts because we have twenty-seven fellow travelers from SINGHA R-SA International Student Network of Kasetsart University. They are students from Germany, Finland and Japan. SINGHA R-SA thanked everyone who made this mission was our best memory.

Even we came from different countries but one thing that we are the same is a volunteer heart which wants to make a better world.