Today, the world is facing a major environmental crisis. Natural disasters occur much more frequently and each more severe than the last. Marine environment is also in a worrying state. Garbage and chemicals released into the water sources have caused abnormalities to the ocean such as coral bleaching and cetacean stranding. We had also seen news of marine animals dying by consuming plastic waste. There was also news that microplastics were found in deep-sea sediments. These were the reasons that prompted Singha R-SA to create this project and urge everyone to take care of our marine environment before it’s too late.



Near the end of 2020, Singha R-SA joined forces with its student network, consisted of 12 academic institutes in the South and the East, and Mr. Siranat Scott, the marine conservationist and founder of SEA YOU STRONG group, to create the “Sea Sand Strong” project in Krabi. Prior to that, Singha R-SA had surveyed the areas of Had Son and Had Yao beaches. We noticed there was a lot of garbage, including litters from the tourists and those washed up ashore by the currents. Therefore, our visit this time was not just to pick up garbage on the beaches, but also to raise awareness about the environmental problems.

Start Walking
& Keep Picking

Once everything and everyone was prepared, the project finally kicked off. Singha R-SA volunteers, the local residents, and students from 13 schools located in Taling Chan and Koh Sriboya Subdistricts, started picking up garbage along the beach, which amounted to dozens of kilograms. This way, we were able to teach the children about the environmental issues, as well as create awareness among local residents, allowing them to see how big of a trouble the garbage was. It also taught them how to help take care of the environment in their own community.

Turn Garbage

into Gold

After we finished collecting the garbage, we didn’t deliver them directly to the garbage collection point; but we led the children to learn how they could turn the garbage into gold if they just knew which types of garbage were recyclable. Most of the garbage we picked up were plastic waste such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, food containers, packaging materials, and fishing tools. We classified the garbage into different categories, cleaned them, and the final lesson was how to sell these garbage and gain extra income for the community. 

Pass on the

environmental consciousness

The objective of the Sea Sand Strong project wasn’t just about picking up garbage and cleaning the beaches, but we hoped to create awareness and encourage people to look after the environment in their locality. Problems caused by garbage are increasingly critical and do not only affect the environment, but the humans as well. Thus, the sustainable solution is creating an environmental consciousness among the locals, educating them about garbage collection and classification, and inspiring them to conserve the environment in their community. The year 2021 is the 10th anniversary of Singha R-SA, we will continue working on our environmental conservation projects, alongside our volunteer missions, in order to achieve our goal in creating a better and greener world.