The Singha R-Sa

Missions in 2019

In 2019, Singha R-Sa team still worked hard on the missions to bring the best to the society. From January until December, Singha R-Sa team has actively worked on more than 70 missions! However, our first priority is not the number of missions, but we focus on bringing everybody’s smiles back. Regardless of the mission, Singha R-Sa team is ready and willing to make it happen, be it on the ground or on the water.

Draught, Cold, Storms, Floods

We are Ready for It

Natural disasters are inevitable. The best we can do is to prepare ourselves in terms of equipment and manpower in order to rescue the victims in a timely manner. In 2019, Singha R-Sa team worked tirelessly starting from the Pa Buk storm that caused prevalent damages, the draught in the middle of the year, following by the great flood in Ubon Ratchathani, where Singha R-Sa team stayed for several days to provide help, and the final mission to help those affected from the cold in the North and the Northeast, which we worked with Phya Bhirombhakdi Foundation’s mobile medical service team to provide locals with health care advices. It was indeed another year full of experiences.

Keep Sharing Knowledge

and Creativity

In addition to the missions to help disaster victims, we also visit schools and help them repair and renovate buildings, build BBL playgrounds to encourage learning and creativity, and share knowledge from the Sufficiency Agriculture School with students for them to educate others in the community.

Fight for the Environment

Singha R-Sa team will not let the environmental issue be a temporary trend. We encourage everybody to take care of our environment through our missions, such as the “Flowing Canal” mission to remove water hyacinth to open up the flow path in the canals, the beach cleaning mission, and the cycling and cleaning mission, in order to trigger awareness and encourage people to realize the importance of environmental issues.

Happy Society, Happy Singha R-Sa

The objective of Singha R-Sa team is to leverage our capability in community service. We are determined to make everything we do beneficial to the society, because when there is improvement, the team also experience joy from helping. Our missions in 2019 included house repair for people in need, gym equipment installation at common exercise areas, and learning center renovation for underprivileged children.



It is good to help the society, but self-improvement is also crucial to enhancing our knowledge and experience that we can apply to do better for the society. Singha R-Sa team also focuses on self-improvement missions. In 2019, Singha R-Sa team supported various forms of self-improvement, including student network gatherings where students from different regions came to share experiences from their missions. We also focus on first-aid knowledge and we organized marine rescue training sessions for rescue volunteers to prepare themselves for future incidents.



In 2019, more than 70 missions were conducted. They couldn’t have been successful without the contribution of all volunteers, including Singha R-Sa student networks and volunteers from various parties who joined us in our missions. Singha R-Sa team would like to give a big thank to everybody who demonstrated the great capability of volunteers and contributed to social improvement. We hope to work with you again in our 2020 missions.

Farewell to 2019

and Greetings to 2020 with a Big Smile!

2019 has given Singha R-Sa team a lot of great and memorable experiences. We did new things, learned about unity, and made friends with like-minded people. We will not let the lessons go in vain, but we will use them to make our 2020 missions even better.

Singha R-Sa team would like to bid farewell to the old year and officially welcome 2020!

We are ready to bring smiles to everybody’s faces.