Training and Getting

Ready for the Global Society

Following basic training in basic rescue skills for several rotations, Singha-R-SA provided CPR training and skills development in innovative as well as fun ways to teenagers participating in the Singha Summer Camp.

Make Acquaintances and Gain Familiarity

At the Singha Summer Camp held on 29th April 2018 at Chiang Mai Beverage Factory in Chiang Mai Province, Singha-R-SA began the camp by meeting the teen participants and introducing everyone to each other. The idea was to form bonds and allow everyone to gain familiarity with each other, so they would be more comfortable in the camp activities. After feeling that the social environment was stable enough, CPR training began.

Truly Detailed in All Processes!

Teenagers were able to get the most available knowledge through learning about 2 different topics, namely CPR skills and proper use of an AED device.

CPR Skills

CPR is an important skill to have since it can literally save someone’s life. Therefore, we offered CPR training to teenagers in the area in case they might need to use it someday. A HERO BOX and other training aids were employed in order to give learners practical experience in CPR techniques, which would help them to better understand CPR concepts and procedures.

Proper Use of an AED Device

Another significant skill to have, besides CPR skills, is how to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) properly. If someone has a heart attack, this machine has the ability to shock a person’s heart back into action, thereby saving their life. The AED is quite easy to operate in terms of its functions as long as you can follow its simple step-by-step procedures.

Teaching Attentively, Learning Carefully

At the Singha Summer Camp, Singha-R-SA was eager and willing to share knowledge with various teenagers who wanted to learn. It was obvious they wanted to gain knowledge and listened closely, which gave the trainers and volunteers more motivation to give them knowledge. We would also like to extend thanks to the group of professionals from Boromarajonani College of Nursing in Chiang Mai, who selflessly offered us their assistance. The activity was quite instructive, fun and inspiring due to the participation of many willing and gracious people.