Every year, Singha R-SA gathers volunteers together from each university for a brainstorming session to exchange ideas and discuss the problems encountered in each area. Having a group meeting and discussion is the best way to solve problems because the volunteers are then able to understand the situation clearly.

Ideas Come True          



During the meeting, our volunteers were split into groups, presented with problems in their areas and given advice as to how these issues might be solved. Many people attended and numerous ideas and suggestions were put forward. Many of these ideas will be used in Singha R-SA’s future missions.

More Learning, More Experience

Our Singha R-SA 2019 Annual Meeting in the central region also involved nursing training. Lecturers from the Narenthorn EMS Center of Rajavithi Hospital joined with us and shared their knowledge freely in a convivial atmosphere. Our volunteers gained first-class experience and will now be able to handle medical emergencies confidently, competently and safely.

Singha R-SA’s Allies

Singha R-SA’s volunteer network extends throughout every region of Thailand. We can reach flooded areas where help is needed fast. All our volunteers have the same goal to use their energy to make our society and the world a better place to live.

Singha R-SA operates as a group of people who volunteer to do good deeds for society.
If ever you need help – Singha R-SA will be there to assist.