Wade Through Water and Send Love to Thais

This year, the rainy season came early. Many areas were flooded by the heavy rainfall. The villagers living there were faced with difficult times. As soon as we heard about the floods, SINGHA R-SA traveled to the submerged areas to help the flood victims immediately

SINGHA R-SA Never Gives Up

This mission was very hard because of the heavy rainfall which caused the flash floods. Homes and all the access roads were submerged. Our truck could not travel through the water to reach the villages. We did not give up! SINGHA R-SA volunteers carried drinking water and bags of rice on their backs. We waded through the water and reached the needy villagers to hand out relief aid to the flood victims who were waiting for us.

Our mission is to assist those who need help the most. We help all victims, no matter how hard the work is; we never give up!

Give a Smile, Give an Encouragement

At SINGHA R-SA we know how flood victims feel. We do not only bring them help, we also give them hope. Help and hope come with us hand in hand. Our mission is not finished until we see their smiles again!

Together We Can

Our mission cannot be completed on our own. We have partnerships all over the country. For these flood reliefs we thank Chalermchai Panich (Loei) Limited Partnership and SINGHA R-SA Student Network from Loei Rajabhat University. Working together can achieve great things. There is power in unity! Together we can succeed!

Thanks to everyone for making our mission such a huge success.
Thanks for helping our society.
Singha smiles are everywhere, do not despair, we will always be there to help you.