Singha R Sa’s Wave of Encouragement in time of COVID-19

The world has been in a pause since February due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The disease does not only affect people’s health, but also their daily life. Many lost their jobs. Some cannot maintain their business. Everybody is discouraged and affected in some way. Therefore, we started our encouraging missions!

“Ha Lae Ja” Bridge Repair Volunteering Project: Connecting the People on Different Sides of Kok River

In 2015, the Singha R-Sa team repaired “Ha Lae Ja” bridge, Chiang Rai’s only suspension bridge. Five years later, we went back to take care of the worn-out bridge and bring back safety.

Spread the Love, Share the Smiles: Send Unlimited Happiness to Our Little Fellows

Many schools in Thailand are in need of school equipment and their classrooms are not up to standard. The “Spread the Love, Share the Smiles” project was implemented to provide opportunities for students in remote areas to access education and school equipment and to learn about the sufficiency economy philosophy.

Stories of the Singha R-Sa Missions in 2019

Travel back in time through the memorable moments in 2019 with Singha R-Sa team. Enjoy the fun, the smiles and the work. We, Singha R-Sa team, are always ready and happy to work and bring back your smiles!

Let’s Stay Warm Together

At the end of 2019, Singha R-SA and a group of volunteers traveled to help cold disaster victims in the north and northeast regions by cooperating with the Mobile Medical Unit of the Phraya Bhirombhakdi Foundation. We believe that everyone can pass through this disaster by having good health and wearing a happy smile.

Giving Love and Warmth by Our Overcoat

During winter, one of the important things to have is an overcoat, which can make us warm. This year, Singha R-SA traveled to Ubon Ratchathani and Chiang Rai Province to give overcoats to cold disaster victims.