At the beginning of August, hundreds of villagers living in Northeastern Thailand were faced with heavy floods and many troubles. Although the waters were receding, the mud and debris left behind were a real problem for the villagers. Kamchanod Forest was badly affected because many rivers flow through the area and drain to the Mekong River, causing heavy flooding. When the waters receded, SINGHA R-SA traveled to Kamchanod Forest to help with the clean-up operations.

On 10 August 2017, SINGHA R-SA cooperated with Krobkruakao 3Foundation, SINGHA R-SA Student Network of Udon Thani Rajabhat University and Khon Kaen University to travel to Pu Sri Suttho Shrine, Wang Kamchanod, Ban Dung District, Udon Thani Province to restore and clean up the area after the flood waters had receded.

SINGHA R-SA and helping staffs cleaned the area diligently. We swabbed, scrubbed and gathered up the garbage brought by the flood waters to make the area clean and respectable again. Because of our united spirit, everyone ensured that “Restoration Mission” was a complete success. SINGHA R-SA thanked the volunteers for their help to support the flood victims.