When the rains come, some villagers living near rivers suffer flooding. There are many reasons for this and one is the Water Hyacinth. This invasive plant is a major obstacle for free flowing water in the rivers of Thailand. It causes pollution and blocks the flow of rivers and free water drainage.

To solve this vegetation problem, SINGHA R-SA cooperated with the SINGHA R-SA Student Network and organized the “SINGHA R-SA Muster Up to Get Rid of Water Hyacinth and Garbage to Prevent Flood” Project at Khlong Luang district, Pathum Thani and Tha Chang Luang Phor Pae Bridge, Tha Chang district, Sing Buri. We received assistance from the Singburi Provincial Administrative Organization, Thon Samor Municipal District, Singseng Singburi Ltd. and the local villagers. Our mission was finished in good time. Moreover, SINGHA R-SA educated the villagers about the Water Hyacinth problem and advised them to keep cleaning the vegetation from the river.

We have to look after our country. The Water Hyacinth problem may take a long time to resolve but if we do it together, we can succeed. We will once again have clean rivers and reduce the drainage problems to prevent flooding.