During early 2020, the wildfire situation in Thailand has been a major concern. Even in April, there are still fire in several areas. Officers and volunteers have been working hard with almost no rest. Singha R Sa, as well, has continually been supporting them.

And in April, Singha R Sa, with support from Boonrawd Brewery Company Limited, Phraya Bhirombhakdi Foundation and Singha R Sa student networks in the north, and with collaboration from Chiangmai Beverage Company Limited and Singha Park Chiangrai Company Limited, donated fire extinguishing equipment, such as wildfire extinguishing high-pressure  water tanks, fire swatters, rake hoes, and Singha drinking water to Phuping Wildfire Control Station, Conservation Area Administration Office 16 in Chiangmai, Wildfire Control and Operation Division, Conservation Area Administration Office in Maesaruay, Chiangrai, and The Mirror Foundation in Maeyao, Chiangrai. The team also visited Wat Panam in Papai sub-district  in Lampoon, to donate fire extinguishing equipment and Singha drinking water to the monks and local people.

Since the beginning of the year, Singha R Sa has donated over 15,000 packs of Singha drinking water and 700 fire extinguishing equipment sets, including rake hoes, fire swatters, wildfire extinguishing blowers and wildfire extinguishing high-pressure water tanks in the wildfire-affected area in Nakorn Nayok, Trat, Prachinburi and Lampang. The items were delivered to the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, the Conservation Area Administration Office, and other relevant agencies, in order to support wildfire extinguishing staff.

Singha R Sa and all Singha R Sa student networks are willing to support the staff until the wildfire in all areas is successfully extinguished.