On 6 June 2015, SINGHA R-SA together with Phanpimol Phankam, a local teacher who was respected as a ‘Wise person’ at Chiang Rai, established a Local Learning Center to educate farmers in the area about Organic methods. The purpose of this was to teach farmers to sustain a sufficient living on their own. SINGHA R-SA also established a ‘Farmer School’ to spread free knowledge about plantation techniques. The school provides both theory classes and field training practices. Over 100 representatives from each district in Chiang Rai attended the school. They can take this knowledge back home to help the people in their local communities. The local farmers that attended the class went into the fields to inspect the number of living organisms before we began the plantation. In the field there are two kinds of bugs, good ones and bad ones. If the field had more bad bugs than good bugs, then we sprayed the field with organic insecticide. This insecticide was harmless to the good bugs and could be made by the farmer using the formula provided by our ‘Farmer School’.