In Na Haeo District, the temperature fell to 12 degrees Celsius and the villagers suffered from the cold. Singha R-SA traveled to the area to give out overcoats to make everyone warmer and bring back their smiles.

On 5 December 2019, Singha R-SA cooperated with volunteers from Loei Rajabhat University and Naresuan University. We carried 300 overcoats to give to the villagers of Na Haeo District, Loei Province. Most of the people were elders and lacked warm clothing. During November and February, Na Haeo District often suffers from cold, and temperatures fall to zero degrees Celsius in some years.

Cold weather can increase sickness levels. Singha R-SA wants everyone to take care of themselves and wear thick clothing. If you are feeling unwell, please have a good rest and take some medicine.