Camp of Develop

Restore Learning by Giving

Singha-R-SA worked in clear weather with Music Move Artists and engineering volunteers to improve and renovate a school and village in Bankudjik Sub-District, Sungnoen District in Nakhon Ratchasima.

Work together and Make Good Things for Society

Cooperating to develop and restore the village and school was Singha-R-SA primary goal. The volunteer team went to help in 5 locations including Bankudjik School, the Bankudjik child development center, and Bankudjik Public Park, as well as Bansalakdai School and Jaturakamsamakkee School.

1ˢᵗ Mission

Paint the Building and Playground at Bankudjik School

The team went to paint Bankudjik School after receiving information in the morning about what was needed. The multi-purpose building, footpath and chain around the flag pole were painted by the team. Because the team included a group of local students to help with painting, the job was able to be done swiftly.

2ᶰᵈ Mission

Paint the Gates and Playground at

Bankudjik’s Child Development Center

Bankudjik’s child development center was the location of the next mission. To complete painting of the gates and playground, the team split into 2 groups to do both tasks. The team got ready for the next mission as soon as finishing this one.

3ʳᵈ Mission

Painting at the Public Park

Because the team still had 2 more missions to complete after this one, we began painting playthings in the playground area right after arriving at Bankudjik Public Park. We had good motivation to complete the work to the best of our ability, even though we were a bit rushed for time.

4ᵗʰ Mission

Paint Playthings and BBL park at

Jaturakamsamakkee School

We aimed to paint playthings in the playground and brain-based learning park (BBL park) at Jaturakamsamakkee School, creating new and beautiful things for children to play with.

5ᵗʰ Mission

Paint Playthings at Bansalakdai School

Our last mission was to go to Bansalakdai School and renovate the playthings in the playground with new paint. This mission was able to be finished quite quickly due to the combined effort of many willing volunteers.

The Major Assemblage

Being able to finish all 5 missions in just one day would not have been possible without all the help received from various volunteers including academics and students from the Faculty of Engineering at Thammasat University, Kasetsart University and Chulalongkorn University, as well as artists from Music Move, Earth-Patravee and Prame Band. Everyone cooperated and used good teamwork for all missions and activities, creating a joyful working environment for all.

Without the help and support of the numerous volunteers, these missions would have taken much longer. Thank you for participating.