Disposeof Water

Hyacinth to

Avert Flooding

Singha R-SA partnered with more than 200 volunteers from various places to eliminate water hyacinth and garbage before the start of the water season in October in Ban Khlong Nong Or Village, Chet Samian Sub-district of Potharam District, Ratchaburi Province. The gathering water hyacinth competition was the main interesting activity.

Eliminating water hyacinth that causes flooding was the primary objective of our mission, which involved heading to Ban Khlong Nong Or Village. This area experiences significant water hyacinth in the canal, which results in ineffective drainage as well as eventual flooding during and after heavy rain. Increasing understanding and cooperation among the villagers in terms of the water hyacinth problem and the need to keep the canal clean was a secondary mission for the group effort.

Gathering water hyacinth could be quite a tedious activity if done alone. Therefore, Singha R-SA tried to make the water hyacinth activity more interesting and fun by turning it into a competition. A total of 14 teams from the local area and 3 teams comprised of volunteers participated in the competition, despite knowing that the activity involved would cause them to get muddy. On the riverside, there were teams who cheered, danced and sand to motivate the competitors.

We gathered the remaining water hyacinth in the canal subsequent to the competition. Nobody felt tired about the activity after observing that the canal was clean and free of debris.

50 volunteers from the scholar network in Ratchaburi Province including Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University, Muban Chombueng Rajabhat University and Silpakorn University (Phetchaburi Campus) joined 150 volunteers from 14 local villages to complete the mission.

Singha R-SA offered gratitude to all involved with returning environmental purity to Ban Khlong Nong Or Village.