Singha-R-SA Built Library in Maehongson on 13th May 2018


Lights Up Every Dream

Anywhere in the world, a library is an important resource that allows any reader to gain new knowledge. Anyone who cares to travel to the library and grab a book can gain new understanding for many purposes. Singha-R-SA understands this philosophy and traveled to Banhaoymao Village in Sobmoei District, Maehongson Province in order to help build a new library for the Border Patrol Police Learning Center. The aim of both Singha-R-SA and the Border Police is to promote reading literacy for everyone.

Toward this goal, the mission was a great success.

The Volunteer Method

Prior to travelling to Sobmoei District in Maehongson

to meet students at the Border Patrol Police Learning Center on 13th May 2018, Singha-R-SA arranged a meeting place and time for all concerned parties. This meeting was necessary as the route to the destination involved difficult travel. Further, boat travel and the carrying of resources through rough terrain and muddy land were elements of the route.

Offering Education to the Mountain Region

With the help of a volunteer group from the Faculty of Mass Communication at Chulalongkorn University, who had the desire to participate and witness people in the mountains enhancing their ability to read and gain knowledge, the mission named “Build a School Building and Library Project” began after a brief recess.

Art Showcase

In addition to the raw materials and goods to construct the school building and library, Singha-R-SA and the volunteers also wanted to make sure the interior of the buildings were aesthetic with beautiful murals and other paintings. The visual displays around the inside of the library would serve to motivate readers’ imaginations when coming to the library. The theme chosen for the wall artwork and painting was “Underwater World”.

Remarks about the Journey

It was a worthwhile and fulfilling experience being able to construct the library for the Border Patrol Police Learning Center and its students. Many people, despite experiencing some trouble along the difficult route to the site, gained life-affirming memories of their time in nature. Many new friendships and connections were made between all the volunteers, who gained valuable skills and experience about working together as a team.

It is the hope and goal of Singha-ARSA that the library will be a center for offering and receiving knowledge at the convenience and desire of anyone who wishes to gain. It gives us great joy to be a part of being able to expand people’s horizons and enhance their

” reading skills. “