The “Making a Weir Project” by Singha-R-SA returned to Banhuaimakliang Village of Wiangpapao District in Chiang Rai Province in order to bring more refreshment, equipment and encouragement with the help of many volunteers.

Villagers who live in the area around the mountainside or riverside get worried during the rainy season due to the flash floods that might damage the village in heavy downpours. To prevent such damage, Singha R-SA worked with volunteers from northern networks in 10 universities to devise the “Singha R-SA and the Project of Making a Weir to Maintain the Integrity of Chiang Rai’s Forest.”

1ˢᵗ Step: Pin and Strike

Construction of the weir began immediately after everything was ready to go. After the bags of soil were placed in overlapping layers, bamboo sticks were pinned into the bags at selected places. A lot of time was needed for placement of the sticks, but the main poles were able to be set for each point after finishing this step.

2ᶰᵈ Step: Hard Work

Laying the bags of rock and soil into line and pouring cement over each bag were the next steps, which were needed to strengthen the weir. The work meant we got dirty as well as wet from the difficult task of carrying the bags of rock and soil. Some people mentioned being very tired due to the “Hard Work”.

We were finally able to construct a total of 15 weirs stretching about 100 meters after using considerable effort throughout the day. The villagers of Banhuaimakliang Village will benefit from having these weirs in place because they will have a water resource during the dry season. The project was made possible through the effort and support of various volunteers including:

  • Utokapat Foundation under the Royal Patronage of H.M. the King
  • Community Network “Rakpalumnamlao” from Chiang Rai Province
  • Northern Volunteer Networks from 10 Universities including
    • Maefahluang University
    • Chiang Rai Rajabhat University
    • Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna (Chiang Rai)
    • Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna (Chiang Mai)
    • Maejo University
    • Chiang Mai University
    • Lampang Rajabhat University
    • Payao University
    • Naresuan University
    • Chiang Rai Vocational College
  • Local villagers from Banhuaimakliang Village area

The “Singha R-SA and Project for Making Weirs to Maintain the Integrity of Chiang Rai’s Forest” was only possible and successful with the combined effort of more than 100 individuals working in concert as an effective team. Everybody who helped and gave their effort toward this project deserves our thanks and respect.

Weirs can support an environment with moisture for the forest in times of drought, but it can only be made through teamwork and effort of willing volunteers. For this project, “Cohesion” made everything possible.