Outdoor Mission
Exercise Yard forEveryone!



Exercise brings healthiness, so Singha R-SA formed a team and to construct an exercise yard that is open to everyone.

Exercise Today
Good Health Tomorrow


Everyone wants to be healthy, so Singha R-SA went to Bangkuwat Sub-District of Pathum Thani Province and donated fitness equipment to the villagers with the desire to ensure that they will all be healthy and able to use their free time usefully. Outside of Pathum Thani Province, Singha R-SA also has plans to conduct similar projects to many other areas of Thailand too.

Bring and Set

On April 18, 2019, we took fitness and painting equipment by truck to Bangkuwat Sub-District. The fitness equipment we set up is suitable for all ages and genders so that everybody can have fun and build good relationships with each other while improving their health.

Paint and Polish

After setting up the fitness equipment, we then had to polish and paint it in new colors to make it attractive. We believe that the equipment’s colorfulness will stimulate villagers to come out and exercise.

Cooperation despite Differences

On this occasion, our volunteers came from Pathum Thani Brewery Co., Ltd and Bangkok University. We thank everyone who was involved in completing this mission. Even though we are all of different ages and from difference places, everyone worked together perfectly because we worked from the heart.