Recently, young football players from Moo Pa (Wild Boars) Academy and their coach got trapped by flooding in Tham Luang Khunnam Nang Non (Natural Cave) in Chiang Rai Province. Much of the water needed to be pumped out to help the rescue efforts. The water was pumped out of the cave and into the rice fields of farmers in Bannongor Village, who willingly allowed it to help the rescue. Therefore, Singha R-SA and volunteers travelled to the village together to bring inspiration reward the farmers and help them by providing rice seedlings and even helping to transplant them.

The team of volunteers had the opportunity to tour the flood area with help from Mr. Phan Punkam, a specialist from the Chiang Rai Wisdom Center. Particularly in Bannongor and Bantham Villages, the damage to sowed seeds was extensive, even after the water level receded.

Including enough rice saplings to cover 12 acres and 1,000 kilograms of rice seed, we got all the resources ready for the farmers with help from the Chiang Rai Wisdom Center after the tour was finished. We also had to prepare ourselves for the work ahead of us because we intended to fully help with this mission!

On the morning of the day of the mission, we put up our tents and then went to hand out the rice saplings and seeds for planting by the volunteers. Because most of us were new to rice fields and planting, it was hard to walk around. It only took a little time for us to get used to it and walk around more easily, however.

The farmers were very pleased to offer their advice and knowledge since many of the volunteers had never been in rice fields before or planted rice. With their help, the planting became easier than we first thought. In working with the farmers, we all played the roles of both givers and receivers of knowledge as well as friendship. The farmers of Bannongor Village deserve the thanks of the volunteers and Singha R-SA.

The transplanting took much of the day and could not have been finished in time without cooperation between all involved. Singha R-SA did not work alone and got help from more than 100 volunteers, who worked happily and diligently to make the work fun and rewarding for all. We offer gratitude to the following:


Farmer School Network (Singha R-SA – Chiang Rai) and Northern Agricultural Volunteer Scholar Network, including Maefahluang University; Chiang Rai Rajabhat University; Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna (Chiang Rai); Chiang Rai College of Agriculture and Tech; Maejo University; Lampang Rajabhat University and Chiang Mai University.


Without all of your aid and support, the mission could not have succeeded as well as it did. We also offer our thanks again to the farmers and villagers of Bannongor, who graciously allowed the flood waters from the cave to be pumped out and inundate their rice field so that the rescuers could save the trapped football players and their coach more easily. You all deserve the respect and appreciation of Singha R-SA as well as Thailand.

The most important trait of Thai people is our kindness, which does not allow us to abandon others and compels us to always be supportive.