SINGHA R-SA Muster Up to Prevent Flood

Water Hyacinth is a major problem in the rivers of Thailand. It blocks the flow of rivers, preventing water drainage and causes pollution. Therefore, SINGHA R-SA organized the “SINGHA R-SA Muster Up to Get Rid of Water Hyacinth and Garbage to Prevent Flood” Project.

Heart is Ready, Equipment is Ready

In June 2017, SINGHA R-SA traveled to clear up Water Hyacinth and garbage at Khlong Luang district, Pathum Thani and Tha Chang Luang Phor Pae Bridge, Tha Chang district, Sing Buri. We carried all the equipment to clean the vegetation and garbage from the rivers.

Creative Activities

SINGHA R-SA organized a special event at Tha Chang Luang Phor Pae Bridge, Tha Chang district, Sing Buri. We educated the villagers regarding the Water Hyacinth drainage problems. The event was a “getting rid of Water Hyacinth battle” between the SINGHA R-SA Student Network and the villagers.

Even though we got dirty and wet, it was great fun. This event allowed the villagers to get a clean river back, and we also created unity within the community. We advised local people to keep cleaning the river to allow the water to flow properly and reduce pollution.


We received help from Singburi Provincial Administrative Organization, Thon Samor Municipal District, Singseng Singburi Ltd. and the local villagers to remove the Water Hyacinth from the river.

We were really thankful for your help and our mission was successfully completed. SINGHA R-SA is always there to support people who need our help the most. We bring Singha Smiles wherever we go.