School Building

Repair and Painting

The Spread the Love, Share the Smiles mission of 19 February 2020 began at Ban Pa Hee School in Pong Ngam sub-district, Maesai district, Chiangrai. As soon as we arrived, Singha R-Sa team went in with the tools and started the mission which involved repairing and painting the buildings to give the school a new life. The playground was also painted and the landscape was improved.

Sufficiency Economy

Vegetable Beds

In every mission, Singha R-Sa team ensures to educate the locals about sufficiency economy through the sufficiency agriculture project that we have been doing for a long time. This is to share sufficiency agriculture knowledge and encourage them to further share it with their communities, at the end creating sufficiency communities.



Games are not just for fun, but we learn much more from them, especially children in the learning period. Games help them improve their thinking process and imagination. Therefore, Singha R-Sa team always prepare fun recreational activities for the children to train their brains – fun and knowledge together at once!

Delicious Meal

At lunchtime, after the Singha R-Sa team and the children worked together in the mission during the entire morning, we sit down and enjoy our meal and snacks together before starting the afternoon mission.

Good Health to Your Hands

Education and health are both important. Not only Singha R-Sa team, BB Clinic’s mobile medical service team also visited Ban Pa Hee School to provide basic health check services for locals and students, as well as to educate them about health care, so they could look after themselves and their family and reduce the risk of illness.

The Missions of


Thanks to Mr. Shane – Nattawat Plengsiriwat, Ms. Prae – Ponrumpa Sukdaipueng, and Singha R-Sa team volunteer students, who joined us in the mission to share the opportunities and happiness with Ban Pa Hee School students. Everybody’s contribution was the key to the successful mission and the valuable experiences, bringing happiness to both the students and us volunteers.