The Effect of the Drought is          Worse Than We Thought        

This drought in 2019 was caused by the El Niño phenomenon because of the rise in seawater temperature. In Thailand, this resulted in higher temperatures by 1-2 degrees in March and April and decreased rainfall by 10-20%. With no rain, the rice dried up and withered in the paddy fields, while animals were also at risk from lack of water.

Moreover, when the rice crop yield is reduced, this also causes economic problems. Thailand exports rice for much needed foreign exchange. The government has forecast that 15,000 million baht could be lost to the economy because of this drought. Everyone in Thailand will be affected.

               the Problem

Singha R-SA first assessed the problem, and then we tried to find a solution in the most useful way. We traveled to Mahasarakham and Surin Provinces to survey and collect data concerning the hardships being experienced by the villagers. They told us that what they needed most was clean water.

        Bring Water      
      and Set up the Water Bank        

Our mission is always to solve the problems of villagers and bring their smiles back. We carried 40,000 liters of water with us and set up eight 2,000-liter water tanks at Kogsithonglang Sub-District, Wapipathum District, Mahasarakham Province and Tepraksa Sub-District, Sungkha District, Surin Province. If the water tanks run dry, Singha R-SA will keep adding more to make sure that all the villagers have clean water to use.

Mountain Tap
for Solving Drought Sustainably

As well as providing drinking water, we also set up a mountain tap to solve the drought problem sustainably. On the day of our mission, Singha R-SA journeyed to Tepraksa Sub-District, Sungkha District, Surin Province. We linked up a long PVC pipe from a natural geyser in the mountain to the village. We chose PVC pipes instead of bamboo pipes because they are stronger, will last longer and require less maintenance.


Now, the villagers do not need to walk up the mountain to collect water. This project also inherited wisdom from the past to the present. The new generation now have knowledge and can preserve water usage. The most important aspect is always to conserve the forest and natural geysers and use water resources wisely and sustainably.

The Network
of Northeastern Volunteers

Our missions cannot succeed unless we have support from our army of volunteers from 16 universities including:

Khon Kaen University, Mahasarakrm University, Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University, Northeastern Rajamangala University of Technology (Khon Kaen Campus), Udonthani Rajabhat University, Roi Et Rajabhat University, Surin Rajabhat University, Buri Ram Rajabhat University, Sisaket Rajabhat University, Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University, Nakhon Ratchasima Rajabhat University, Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University, Loei Rajabhat University, Northeastern Rajamangala University of Technology (Nakhon Ratchasima Campus), Ubon Ratchathani University and Suranaree University of Technology.

All our volunteers represent the new generation who are eager to perform good deeds for society. This is the Singha R-SA mission. We are very proud of all our volunteers. We promise that we will develop trust and friendships through our missions, and we are very happy to have the opportunities to help all those in need. We are always there for people in trouble.