The severe rain in August 2018 caused flood damage to homes all over Thailand. To bring a little light into people’s lives and help them get things back together, Singha R-SA had a very clear mission.

This year, the heavy rains began in July and fell continuously into August, raising the water levels and bringing flooding to numerous villages across several provinces. As Singha R-SA watched the news reports it became apparent that the northern and northeastern regions had been hit the hardest and the people were in desperate need of help. Singha R-SA reacted by planning how to bring relief to as many victims as possible.

The decision to help was followed immediately by the purchase of more than 100 water bottles and supplies of more than 100 kilograms of rice which were taken to the affected villages in Sakhonnakhon province, Nakhonphanom province and Nan province. In addition, boxes containing cooked food were also delivered as part of the relief efforts.

In some places the flooding was so severe it almost reached head height – but when you have boats that’s not a problem. We loaded up our boats with supplies and paddled through the floods to reach those who most needed our help. Challenges like this are no obstacle.

Organizing flood relief means overcoming all kinds of challenges. The water level, the humidity, the need to find transport, and the fact that everyone has to work until exhaustion – all of these factors make it hard. But when you have volunteers who give up their time and effort willingly, you can achieve almost anything. To That’s why Singha R-SA must express our most sincere thanks to everyone who lent a hand to make this flood relief effort a success.

Our key support in this project came from the Distributors of Choocheep Nan Partnership, Nan’s Restaurant Club, and the volunteer networks from Sakhonnakhon Rajabhat University, Phayao University, and Mae Fah Luang University. When natural disaster strikes, the challenges can be enormous, but when we respond together with courage and willingness, we can overcome the obstacles nature throws at us.

Singha R-SA will always be there to help those in need.